Our experience in developing embedded systems for test and measurement instrumentation combined with the experience of leveraging National Instruments hardware for real time and FPGA projects gives us the range of know how to recommend optimum systems specifications for customers.

SYSTEM Integration

Our team is experienced in delivering projects that require a mix tasks such as Firmware development for microcontrollers/FPGAs, Touch panel development for instruments, PC based software tool development for instrument/machine configuration and control. We can complete these tasks using a single platform such as LabVIEW or adapting to a mix of other platforms that are used by customer teams.

Big Physics

Our team has over a decade of experience in experimental physics. Examples include high-power laser systems, plasma waveguides, x-ray lasers, and laser-driven accelerators. Whether you need simple software for your CCD or advanced algorithms for processing data, we can cater to a wide range of applications in BIG PHYSICS.

Instrumentation, TEST and automation

We have created device drivers for scores of instruments to facilitate their integration into our control system framework. Our device driver template used advanced LVOOP architectures and enables us deliver solutions faster to our customers.

Control systemS

Our framework allows us to rapidly develop custom control systems that can be applied to systems of any size ranging from desktop experiments to multi-million dollar facilities. This framework allows rapid integration of hundreds of devices distributed across a network into the control system automatically setting up the mechanism for synchronous data collection, device control and monitoring.