Aalhad Deshmukh

    Anthony Gonsalves

Dr. Deshmukh received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 2006 with a focus on distributed control systems. He has since worked as a Sr. R&D Software Engineer and Electronics Engineer in both industrial and research environments.
In the past 8 years he has worked on a wide range of engineering projects including but not limited to the development of firmware for microcontrollers (C++), FPGAs (VHDL), analog and digital circuit design, machine automation using PLCs & NI hardware, software application development for instrument interface, monitoring, and data acquisition.
Aalhad is a certified LabVIEW Developer and has helped develop the framework for an advanced distributed scalable control system currently being used at four accelerator beam lines at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Dr. Gonsalves completed a Ph.D. in the Atomic and Laser Physics department of the University of Oxford in 2006 and since then has been working as a research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. During this time he has developed plasma waveguides, high-power laser systems, x-ray lasers, and laser plasma accelerators.
Dr. Gonsalves has won an outstanding Performance Award from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the 1998 Peter Fowler Memorial Prize for best performance in laboratory work.
These achievements required a varied skill set including planning and leading international collaborative experiments, diagnosing and improving multi-terawatt laser systems, design and implementation of various optical systems, including XPW for laser contrast improvement, interferometers, spectrophotometers, and devices for ultrashort pulse characterization, design and commissioning of laser micromachining systems, building various electrical systems including high voltage pulsed power supplies, automated experiment control, data collection, and analysis.

Dr. Gonsalves wrote the control systems for the successful experiments, often requiring sophisticated software that synchronizes control, data acquisition, and complex analysis from hundreds of devices and dozens of computers across a network using LabVIEW.